We are on the a hundred yards regarding Tai’s home

On the wedding procession you to definitely implemented new ceremony to the monks, Nattawud Daoruang authored inside the blogs Thailand Existence: “I’m condition at the front of the relationships parade which have my parent. (Extremely we should vary from the house however it is also much!) Each one of my personal loved ones is actually carrying such things as an excellent banana forest, sugarcane forest, different types of as well as the money on the sin sod (dowry). All this was available to Tai’s mothers. Some individuals is beating keyboards although some is dance and you may vocal something such as “I am upcoming, I am right here!” About 50 % solution to the fresh new bride’s home, we fulfill a married couple (Tai’s bro and you can cousin). He could be around so you’re able to anticipate the newest parade and you will lead me to our house.[Source: Nattawud Daoruang Thailand Lifestyle ]

My grandfather and i also are in fact updates prior to the household. We simply cannot come in because there are two people carrying a good gold gear between them. There was only 1 way to get these to unlock the brand new “gate” that is to spend them some cash. We give them a package of cash each and then they let us move across. not, once never assume all procedures discover a unique door! The folks with this gate is actually requesting several envelopes for every single! Right after paying them i then reach the final entrance. This is the most costly and my personal daddy needs to give them many envelopes!

I’m today looking at the floor with my grandparents and you may moms and dads. Our connections are bringing in new trays out of as well as sin sod and establishing all of them on to the floor. My parent requires Tai’s parents to check the food. There’s two trays of the things in two rows to your floor. After one row there is only 1 holder. It is conventional to your bride’s side to help you fill the area with a dish of eating to really make it equal.

I start to walk reduced with the house while making an incredibly loud noise

These days it is going back to the fresh bride to be to come away however, she cannot! Some body happens and you will tells me you to Tai can not emerge because the We have not unlocked the past entrance. I then check out the doorway at the base of the steps with my dad. That it “door” is actually hard to Davos for marriage discover and then we have to use of many envelopes to have it discover! It fundamentally opens up and i run-up the latest stairways to get Tai. The 2 parents are in reality sitting on a floor against for each and every other. My personal parent requires just how much we should instead pay money for new dowry. Tai’s mum feedback “forty thousand baht and you may five baht silver”. My personal parent upcoming leaves a large bundle on a tray and you can actually starts to unwrap it. Into the discover five heaps from hundred or so baht banknotes, a silver wristband and an excellent necklace.

The guy advances the cash away and you may encourages Tai’s parents to take a glimpse

When they are content there are zero phony banknotes, my dad entry them a tiny full bowl of dried vegetation. It capture a few and you will jet particular in addition cash in a good clockwise guidance wishing us good luck for the wedding. Then, when they’ve each other finished creating that, our very own hitched connections along with get turns. Ultimately they are accomplished and that i choose the new content which have every money in it and you can give they so you can Tai’s mum. She requires they out of me personally right after which works upstairs to get it aside when you look at the a comfort zone. She helps it be appear to be she is running away for the money and thus men and women humor! A short while afterwards she comes back and you can lies upon the ground near to Tai’s dad. I now bring all of them certain gold, a wristband and a necklace. Tai try sitting in front of me personally and you may awaiting me personally to place the fresh new gold up to their own shoulder and on their own arm. Once i have done one to, I make band off my match pouch and set it toward ring finger on her left-hand.